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Hazardous Chemical Injuries


Long Island Suffolk County Fire and Hazardous Toxic Chemical Accident Lawyers

Smithtown, Suffolk and Nassau Counties, LI and throughout NY, Accident Lawyers Specializing in Fire and Hazardous chemical injuries that result in injuries to construction workers and members of the public, causing them to sustain serious personal injuries and unfortunately sometimes even death.

The personal injury fire and chemical burn injury lawyers at Birzon, Strang, and Associates have decades of experience in the handling of on-the-job personal injury claims, as well as, workers compensation accident claims, relating to fire and chemical burn accidents and injuries. These accidents can happen to electrical workers, laboratory workers, construction workers, and others, who are conducting excavation, demolition, remodeling, and other construction work. Often, construction workers come into unintended contact with hazardous chemicals, toxins, fire, high-voltage electricity, high pressure steam, or other combustible and otherwise volatile substances or conditions. For example, while doing excavation work and hit an unforeseen steam pipe and received severe burns. Any type of explosive, volatile chemicals, high-powered electrical currents, toxins, and other volatile substances, may cause many types of serious injuries such as skin and tissue burns, eye injuries, respiratory injuries, cellular damage, brain injuries, and other serious chemical burn injuries and sometimes, unfortunately, wrongful death.

Long Island, NY, industrial, warehouses, laboratories, commercial establishments, construction companies, building owners, and others that handle hazardous chemicals are required to abide by industry wide standard protections and warnings against accidental fires, explosions, toxic fumes, high-voltage electricity, and others. These standards apply to all construction zones, whether commercial or residential. Around these chemical work areas, workers, electrical contractors, laboratory personnel, employers, and other businesses have a duty and a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment in which to provide protection for workers and other pedestrians nearby, who can be seriously injured due to fire or hazardous chemical injury accidents. NY law also requires that those that use hazardous chemicals must have full protection and proper insulation when using hazardous products that contain toxic or combustible material. The reasons for most of fire and chemical burns are due to a failure to comply with established safety measures, defective equipment, improper use of laboratory equipment, improper storage, and work site neglect by industrial and commercial hazardous chemical contractors, foremen and others in charge of those using these chemicals.

Hazardous Chemical Injury Lawyers Who Represent Chemical Accident Victims

Our Suffolk County Long Island law firm is proud to have served construction and other workers, and members of the general public who have been seriously injured by fire and hazardous and toxic chemicals, and sustained injuries such as burns and respiratory damage, by bringing fire and chemical burn and toxic chemical inhalation injury cases, and workers compensation claims, on their behalf. Toxic and Hazardous Chemical and fire burn related injuries and wrongful death claims have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, over the years, throughout Smithtown, Suffolk and Nassau Counties, LI and NY.

An improper environment in which to store and/or otherwise utilize industrial chemicals, along with insufficient training for those handling these volatile and otherwise explosive industrial chemicals, have caused many people serious personal injuries and occasionally death, in such places as industrial warehouses, office buildings, laboratories,, shopping centers, schools, residential buildings, medical centers, hospitals, schools, warehouses, industrial areas, roadways, marine structures, transit centers and infrastructure projects, and other places. Fire and chemical burns injuries often involve toxic and otherwise volatile gases and substances and of course safety equipment, which if not utilized correctly, or are otherwise defective, can provide many opportunities for workers and pedestrians nearby to receive severe fire and chemical burns injuries.

At Birzon, Strang & Associates, we are Suffolk attorneys who can help Long Islanders recover the compensation that they deserve for your chemical and fire exposure accident related injuries. We have a long history of success in representing hardworking men and women who sustained on-the-job chemical and fire exposure injuries caused by such circumstances as:

  • Defects in the Manufacturing of the Volatile or Toxic Chemical Substances.
  • Failing to Properly Store, Handle, and Safely Use Volatile, Toxic, Combustible, Chemicals.
  • Not Properly Transported Hazardous Chemical Materials.
  • Improper Hazardous Chemical Storage Tanks or Auxiliary Storage Tanks.
  • Failure to Properly Design, Install, Operate and Maintain Safety Devices, and Other Safety Systems Designed To, Control, Mitigate, and Extinguish, Explosions, or Life Safety Hazards That Workers Are Exposed To.
  • Failing to Timely and Properly Evacuate Workers and Members of the Public from Buildings or Other Structures During a Fire, Explosion, Chemical, or During a Biological or Hazardous Material Release, Accident, Natural Disaster, and Other Types of Emergencies.
  • Failing to Properly Control and Mitigate Hazards to Firefighters, Police Officers, Hazardous Waste Units, and the Emergency Responders During Hazardous Chemical Emergency Operations.
  • Failing in the Maintenance and Operation of Fire Extinguishing or Fire Alarm Safety Devices, Equipment or Systems.
  • Failing to Recognize chemical and/or biological hazards in the atmosphere.
  • Failing to Protect Employees and Workers from hazardous chemical exposure.
  • Failing to Properly Inspect and Maintain Construction Areas Where combustible and hazardous chemicals are being used.
  • Defective combustible and hazardous chemical handling Tools and Equipment.
  • Failure to Properly Use Hazardous Chemicals.
  • Job Site Safety Violations Where hazardous and combustible chemicals are being used.
  • Fire and Chemical Burns Accidents & Injuries.

Toxic & Hazardous Chemical Injury Lawyers That Represent Chemical Accident Victims in both Workers Compensation & Third-Party-Liability Claims

As fire and hazardous chemical injury accident personal injury attorneys who also practice workers compensation law, we have the experience and expertise to coordinate any fire and chemical burns accident cases and/or claims for you, no matter where you live on Long Island or in what New York State county, city or town you sustained your hazardous chemical accident related injuries

Hazardous chemical and fire claims are very often complex cases, that arise from different types of negligent situations. Birzon, Strang, and Associates, LI Suffolk County personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining compensation for hazardous chemical and fire injury victims. Our law firm has the experience and resources to handle these difficult fire, hazardous biological, and chemical accident injury cases, including the aggressive litigation of serious personal injuries including brain, respiratory, spinal cord, skin and tissue burns, among them, hazardous chemical workers, and others, who suffer severe chemical, biological, and otherwise toxic substance related serious injuries and burns, resulting from contact with hazardous chemicals, claims against the manufacturers, and others.

Workers in various occupations may unknowingly be exposed to chemicals in their places of employment every day in the United States. If you have been exposed to certain chemicals in your place of work you may be at risk for serious health problems, some of which may be fatal. Thousands of deadly chemicals are used to make products that can be found in many different businesses, which include paints, plastics, fabrics and construction equipment.

The symptoms of toxic exposure differ depending upon the chemical; there are no set symptoms of chemical exposure, although contact with certain chemicals may result in similar side effects. In many victims, the consequences of chemical exposure may go undetected for months or years preventing them from receiving timely and possibly lifesaving medical treatment. The following are just a few of the dangerous effects of exposure to toxins and chemicals:

  • Anoxia
  • Asthma and breathing difficulties
  • Blindness and eye irritation
  • Brain damage
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Chemical burns
  • Dermatitis (skin condition)
  • Lung damage (pulmonary system damage)
  • Myocardial Depression
  • Kidney, liver, and other Organ damage
  • Reproductive system damage
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Scarring, burns, and disfigurement
  • Skin irritation

We represent individuals who have suffered the devastating effects of exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our seriously injured clients throughout Long Island, the five boroughs, and New York. If you work in New York and have been exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace, please contact a Long Island, NY, toxic exposure lawyer at Birzon, Strang, and Associates, immediately for a free consultation.

On Long Island and throughout NY, if you are injured while working with toxic and/or otherwise volatile chemicals, in the normal course of your employment, through your own actions, or those of a co-worker, you are covered under workers compensation, which your employer is required by law to provide. For example, if you are working for, let’s say, and industrial contractor and are injured by splashing a chemical in your eye that causes vision problems, because of a mistake that you or a co-worker made, that would entitle you to workers compensation benefits, which in fact, often does not cover all your medical and other related expenses.

If the injuries from your fire and chemical burns were caused by the negligence or careless behavior of someone other than your employer or co-worker, for example, if you are using a respirator and other safety equipment while working with toxic chemicals, and any of the safety tools and equipment, which are used to protect you from toxic fumes and chemical burn injuries fail, due to a defect in manufacturing of the respirator, the company that made the respirator for other defective safety tools or equipment could be liable in a personal injury or wrongful death product liability action, for the injuries that you received as a result of the chemical or fire safety equipment design failure, and you may also be entitled to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the safety equipment manufacturer, through what is known as A Third-Party-Liability Claim. In this type of claim you can file a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries that you sustained in the fire or chemical burn accident, in addition to collecting workers compensation. This allows you to recover damages including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other compensation that is not recoverable under New York workers compensation laws.


Because our practice is focused on serving clients who have been seriously injured in a toxic and hazardous chemical accident, we concentrate all our skills, experience, doctors, experts, engineers, and other resources on doing whatever it takes to maximize your recovery of damages. That means, for example, if you were in the process of using a toxic or hazardous chemical, that was and properly labeled, due to an error by the manufacturer, we will investigate your work-related hazardous and toxic chemical accident free of charge, and seek out every potentially liable party — including not just the owners and supervisors of the chemicals being used at the work site, but also those who may be responsible for the manufacture and inspection of chemicals that are to be used, or negligence by chemical storage maintenance providers, and even any government agency, and other parties, responsible for such things as inspections, design, maintenance, and other negligence, causing the toxic and hazardous chemical accident.
We take every toxic and hazardous chemical accident case very seriously. No detail is too small, no question too insignificant, and no case or adversary too large for us to tackle. Yet, while we are tough on liable parties and insurance companies, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.

At our Suffolk and Nassau toxic and hazardous chemical accident Law Firm, our philosophy is simple:

  • We start by listening to your story and hearing your concerns, about your toxic and hazardous chemical accident.
  • We build a strong case based on solid experience and strategies, supported by investigations and expert opinions
  • Our law firm fights to get you every penny you deserve for your serious injuries.
  • And through every step of the process, we treat you with compassion and respect.
  • Get a Free consultation and you will not pay a dime unless we win your toxic and hazardous chemical accident case!

The Birzon, Strang, and Associates Law Firm has served thousands of Long Island accident victims and their families, throughout our local Smithtown community where our office has been located for over Thirty (30) years.

Our Suffolk Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Accident Lawyers Will Get You the Compensation That You Deserve

When you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident, your bottom line is getting justice, by getting the compensation you deserve, so you can heal — while also ensuring financial security for you and your family. We have Won over 50 Million Dollars for Seriously Injured Long Island Personal Injury Accident Victims. At Birzon, Strang, and Associates, since 1990, we have served personal injury clients in Smithtown, Suffolk and Nassau Counties, LI and throughout NY. Our highly related toxic and hazardous chemical accident law firm has helped secure some of the largest settlements in New York, including a $10 million verdict for an injured construction accident worker. But while we have established a track record of success, the only thing that really matters is what we can do to help you. Our motto is that we do one thing and we do it well. Our commitment is to helping injured people, whether through obtaining a personal injury settlement or getting you your workers compensation benefits.

Experience Our Excellent Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Accident Injury Lawyer Reputation & Results

  • We offer a free consultation and work on your toxic and hazardous chemical accident injury case on a contingent fee basis, which means that you only pay legal fees if we win your case. We look forward to providing you with more information and guidance, so please contact us
  • We are always available for status updates and questions regarding your toxic and hazardous chemical accident and services performed by our very experienced personal injury lawyers.
  • Experienced premises accident lawyers that specialize in all types of toxic and hazardous chemical accident and other On-The-Job Accidents.
  • We work with due diligence to finish your personal injury toxic and hazardous chemical accident case fast and without sacrificing quality, to get you the money you deserve.
  • As you consider a Smithtown, Suffolk or Nassau County, LI, NY., toxic and hazardous chemical accident injury lawyer, our law firm would be glad to give you a free consultation to discuss the issues involved, in your severe injury toxic and hazardous chemical accident or on-the-job accident case.
  • We are an Experienced & Successful Law Firm
  • Over 50 Million Dollars Won For Our Clients
  • We Treat Clients Like Family
  • Fully Confidential
  • Winning Results, Resources & Experience
  • Locations Throughout New York City
  • We Will Come To Your Home or Hospital
  • Absolutely No Fee Unless We Win!
  • Let us investigate your case free of charge
  • If You Are Disabled We Will Come To See You

Investigate Your Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Accident for Free & Learn Your Options

At Birzon, Strang, and Associates, we give you 100 percent of our attention, consideration and effort, 100 percent of the time. And that is how we plan to get you 100 percent of the compensation you deserve when you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or careless behavior. To schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled toxic and hazardous chemical accident personal injury attorneys, please contact us online or call us at 631-265-6300. We arrange Home or hospital visits. All of our injury cases are taken on a contingency basis— so if we don’t win, you don’t pay a dime! That’s our guarantee to you!

ACT FAST & CALL US NOW! DO NOT LOSE YOUR CHANCE TO BRING A LAW SUIT FOR YOUR SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURIES: Personal injury accident claims against Long Island, Suffolk or Nassau County, the City of New York or other NY State and local government entities, have different filing requirements, that an accident victim must follow in starting a personal injury lawsuit against private defendants. To preserve your right to bring a lawsuit for your personal injuries, accident victims, must comply with special rules, including the filing of a written formal notice of Claim (NOC) within 90 days of the incident, the only exceptions being catastrophic disability or death.

Helpful Resources on Fire and chemical burns Injury:

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Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

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